Graham Family

When I think back over my life the best times where those that were spent on adventures or just relaxing with my friends and family. The time my family got lost hiking in the relentless lightening and hail storm when I was a kid, rock climbing with my best friends, countless hikes in OR, AZ and AR and relaxing on the beaches in Coronado and Hawaii.

What makes these times even more special are the people who were around me sharing what life had to offer. SoHa has been a dream of mine for many years. Yes, we sell shave ice and hammocks, but the core reason we started this business is to help others build real relationships, to focus on what is really important. SoHa provides a unique gathering place for friends, family and our sister companies 2[g] Habitats and NTX CPR.

Today many of us have more “friends” than we ever had thanks to social media. Yet despite this we are living in what is being called the “Age of Loneliness.” Roughly 1 in 4 Americans suffer from persistent loneliness having nobody they can talk with about the troubles or triumphs they are experience.

I feel that this combined with America’s entitlement mindset is at the core of the societal breakdown we are witnessing. We are meant to live in community, to share life together. Today even families are not “living” together. Moms, dads and kids exist together, but effectively live separate lives pursuing individual endeavors and those are the families that are still lucky enough to live under the same roof and have not been split apart.

While it is a challenge to accept the things that we cannot change, we can work diligently at forming relationships and sharing life with others. We need community, we need REAL relationships.

I challenge you to find someone and an adventure you are passionate about and start sharing life today! And if you cannot find someone, pick up the phone and call us…. we would love to hang out with you at SoHa!


Sam Graham

Mobile (469) 371-7672