The SoHa Challenge is derived from one of the Graham Families favorite Shave Ice vendors on the island of Kauai.

$14 per person – All-You-Can-Eat Challenge. Can you break the record?!

Challenge Rules:

  1. All cups must be consumed by one person in one sitting during normal hours of operation in full view of a SoHa member.
  2. All servings will be standard size servings – no kiddie sizes.
  3. Special will only occur on short line days.
  4. Only one (1) one 10-minute bathroom break allowed between servings.
  5. No sunbathing breaks to warm up.
  6. Participants are allowed to wear clothes of their choice, any thickness, and as many layers as they like.
  7. Excessive spillage disqualifies the participant. “Excessive Spillage” will be determined by SoHa staff. Heaving will be considered spillage.
  8. Participants are only allowed to use wooden spoon and straw provided by SoHa.
  9. Eat 9 (nine) or more cups of shave ice and this special offer will be named after you.
  10. SoHa staff reserves the right to terminate the offer at any time if you “don’t look good” while you are eating – this has nothing to do with your physical looks.
  11. Customers with regular orders have priority over contestants.
  12. Forget all the rules and just have fun!!

No cheating please!  This is not for beginners, novices or first-timers.  Do not attempt if you are not a seasoned, tempered shave ice eater.  Only healthy persons (those without diabetes, high sugar levels, high blood pressure or other hazardous medical conditions) should participate in this special offer.  SoHa Shave Ice will not be liable for any illness or injury resulting from eating too much shave ice causing such things as sugar “rushes,” abnormal body-core temperature drops or passing out in any form.