SoHa Shave Ice is a family business founded in North Texas.

The Graham family has been a part of the North Texas community with their construction and healthcare companies for the last decade. However, the whole family has an entrepreneurial spirit and their three daughters began asking to start a fun business that could truly involve the whole family – even the youngest siblings.

The family began a search for a “fun” business idea that would allow everyone in family to contribute and provide a unique way to link their sister companies 2[g] Habitats and NTX CPR. After a trip to Kauai their daughters suggested that they bring back “yummy” shave ice to Texas. Soon thereafter SoHa Shave Ice was founded.

The Graham family is dedicated to bringing the spirit of Hawaii to North Texas as well as the yummy flavors of shave ice. The Graham family highly values family time and they hope SoHa Shave Ice can be a wonderful experience for families across North Texas.

SoHa Shave Ice is dedicated to delivering only the best tasting Shave Ice using only the freshest flavors and lightest, fluffiest ice possible. To back this up, SoHa has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

The Graham Family welcomes you to experience the flavor of Hawaii at SoHa Shave Ice.